Xevious Resurrection is the lastest game released in the Xevious games. Like most of the other Xevious games, Xevious Ressurrection has an ending and a final boss.


In this game, GAMP attacks earth again. He's also been successful, since the 1st boss is an orbital defense system of some kind. after battling an Andor Genesis, A gigantic Toroid-like craft, an Andor Genesis that gets upgraded by 2 other flying craft, you go into GAMP's colony, which slowly resembles a certain ancient civilization's roads more and more. When you finally fight GAMP, you find that he's simply a lone Bragza. He enters a blob and the fight starts. After fighting him, he blows up. But unknown to the solvalou, GAMP won. Not the war, but he still won his very one goal: go back home. He knew he'd die, so he took every trace of him in planet Xevious and went home. He fought Solvalou in the very room he made clones in. Godspeed to you too, GAMP, Godspeed.


Area 4 -

Area 8 -

Area 12 -

Area 16 - GAMP